Mastering the Tools!

These are a few of my layouts I've achieved this evening using the Scrapbook Max program. I think I've had a pretty good play with this program and have been really impressed with how easy it's been to use. I don't want to have to read a manual to master a program. I just want to be able to load it up and start going and I have to say that this program has been that simple. Of course if you want it you can access the help menu but it's not been necessary at all!

I do realise that the 'quality' of my digi layouts isn't anything earth shattering and at this stage they're pretty basic but then my first traditional scrapbooking layouts were alot worse so I'm holding out hope that I'll improve. Step 1 though is to choose program to use. So now that I've explored the Scrapbook Max program I'm going to have a look around and see what else is out there.

Naturally I don't want to spend much on a digi scrap program so I'm looking for the cheapest alternatives on the market. This is even more important at the moment as my DH lost his main source of income last week, so I really need to be frugal now! I also don't want to have to buy ALOT of supplies. I want a program that comes pretty well equiped as well as something that's really easy to use.... Sounds like a tall order I know! I'll keep y'all informed of my findings.