Busy, Busy, busy

I wish I had audio on my blog. That tittle is a direct result of the ABC Kids - Television the kids are watching at the moment. The theme song for Gordon the Garden Gnome was playing when I started typing and it seemed to fit my life at the moment.... busy, busy, busy, there's lots to do today, busy busy busy..... etc

Today is a public holiday in Redcliffe for the Exhibition Show. Across Brisbane the public holiday is shared throughout the week so that every area gets a day off and can go to the Show on a different day. Thus ensuring lots of people going each day. Except for this year. They're talking about moving the Show next year as this year there have been record low attendances. Probably something to do with the deadly flu that has claimed its sixth child so far. Or perhaps the vomiting diahorrea that is going around at present.... along with several other flu
viruses that although not deadly are pretty awful.

I've been fighting all these bugs off all winter. It's been a battle. I'm a woman possessed! Any time anyone sneezes or feels slightly off colour I've been dosing them up on the MonaVie juice. So far it's been pretty successful. My son is the worst with taking his juice (forgetful) so he did succumb to a cold. Which lasted around two days after I plied him with more juice. I hate being sick! And I especially hate being sick and having sick children to deal with. So this winter I've been a busy little bee with preventatives.

Yesterday I was helping my sister-in-law in her web design business. I am not a very computer savvy person. I use the computer... that's it! I certainly do not understand HTML but despite these shortcomings yesterday I made a website! What that means is I created the pages and put all the information on them. I didn't make the design. Then my sister-in-law went back through it and formatted it and made it look nice but she assured me my effort was helpful. So that was exciting! It was pretty cool though. A whole website in one day!

Today I have to amuse the children home from school so will probably go to the beach with a bucket and spade! I love living two blocks from the beach, it makes it really easy to amuse the kids!

On the scrapbooking front: I'm having a great time with the digital scrapbooking and a friend of mine who works at the crematorium wants me to start a business creating memoria scrapbook slideshows for funerals. (Sounds sad I know) but she said the facilities are there and once people know they're there they want to use them and then people who aren't very computer savvy struggle to put something together in time for the funeral. It's not really an ideal time to try and learn a new skill, while your grief is so fresh! I should know that's when I started scrapbooking. Two days after my mother died I started a memorial scrapbook of my mother's life to have at the funeral. With the help of some girlfriends I managed to get it done in time but that scrapbook isn't really very good. So when my girlfriend suggested this to me I could see the need. Will look into it further though.

Traditional scrapbooking is taking up quite a bit of my time at the moment. I'm making a "travel album" for my cousin who went on a European Vacation last Christmas. I've been waiting for the photos but they're still coming so.... I decided not to wait any more! I'm making the album from scratch. My LSS has created the front and back covers for me from thick chipboard in the shape of a suitcase. I'm decorating all the pages now and the dividers and then I'll go in and use their binding machine to put it all together. If my camera is fixed in time I'll take some photo's to show y'all when it's done.