Buying Paper in Bulk

As you all know I'm a big fan of buying paper in bulk. I'm also a big fan of buying with a friend. On the weekend my DH, DD, DS and I went to visit DH's brother, his wife and their two DS's. My brother-in-law had just come back from a business trip to the states. (They've all just moved back here after several years living in the states.) Anyway while he was over there my sister-in-law sent him shopping for paper at costco. What a good hubbie!

I must say I'm really jealous of the bulk paper packs available to americal scrappers. All the papers were gorgeous. I've purchased a sheet of every type at $0.30c a sheet off my sister-in-law. Not bad! (The photos above are just a selection of my favourites. I actually bought 35 sheets) lol!

I can't wait to get in and start using them. It's the sort of paper that just begs for some tearing!

Even though I haven't found any packs of the same quality and such unusual effects here there are still some great budget savers. I have found that most of the bulk paper packs repeat the same paper several times so this is why it's best to share with a friend. That way you're not trying to use six sheets of the one patterned paper.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for showing us the Costco papers. I am always intrigued when I hear the US ladies talk about things that we can't get here. They look lovely! :-)