Pink and Black and White "BFF"

I have some fabulous photos of me and my BFF's..I'm a very lucky girl cause I have a few..... so of course these need to be scrapbooked to make them look even more beautiful (LOL). Here is a layout I did recently.... So how did I save money on this layout? Well I used scraps of patterned paper from other previous layouts..... I misted my background to save on using a patterned paper, I made flowers (of course)..... hmmm I made my own embellishments (Butterfly is glitter on acetate; I didn't stamp the image onto acetate I just placed my acetate over an image and used art glitter glue to mark out the outline and then covered this in black glitter.  Then I added the other colours. Hint: leave white glitter till last! Then I cut around the image). Also I took some chipboard letters, covered them in glue and then glitter to make my title
Tip: I keep all my chipboard letters in drawers after I've made a few words out of the packet and don't think there's any words left for me to create from the pack. These letters are then used on layouts where I want mismatched fonts. By treating the letters to the same colouring or decorating you make they appear as though they are a matching set even though the font's and sometimes the sizes are vastly different.  This is a really simple layout to copy. I love the torn rolled edges (I'm really getting into that alot lately). That piece of paper was torn and distressed first, then embossed, then sewn. I used a poem I found on the internet as part of my background as my journaling. I really do believe people come into your life for a reason and/or a season. There are some wonderful people in my past that I'll probably never see again but I appreciate having known them and the help they gave me to learn a lesson.  The friend in this layout has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me time and time again and I thank god every day for the piece of luck that saw us go to the same high school and play on the same basketball team (she is alot taller than me though so ,as I'm sure you can guess she was much better at basketball than me LOL) and then for her to meet her husband and fall in love and for him to introduce me to his friend....... who is the love of my life!  Funny how life works huh?