Glimmermist Love Canvas Class

Had a great class today with a wonderful bunch of ladies. A few of my favourite regulars were there to make it extra special.  My number two child my 8 year old daughter came to help me today and it was great having an assistant... I think I might try and have an assistant for all my classes!

We made the "Love" canvas you see below. It is amazing how differently the canvas's all turn out depending on how thick or thin you lay your glimmermist.  I always say though lay down a fine mist and build it up.. you can easily go darker if you want to but you can't easily go backwards from dark to light.. not without painting over the canvas and starting again at least.

In this class the girls learn't two techniques for using decorative edge scissors. (One of my favourite things to do each class is to give you a few new techniques for making your own embellishments and if I can also include a new way to use an old tool, I'm really happy!) I prefer to spend my scrap budget on tools rather than embellishments as it means I can get better value out of that dollar spend. Long term readers from back in the earliest days of my blog will know that this has always been a mantra of mine on how to stretch your budget further. For instance if I buy a punch that costs $16 then I can use a sheet of cardstock to make unlimited rosebuds (that perfectly match my layout), rather than buying four bunches of rosebuds (for the same value). When I do buy flowers from the manufacturers I tend to buy a few and use these as the "star's" on my layout and fill the rest of the space with my own handmade ones.

There are four different kinds of flower on this canvas and the girls all worked really hard to finish in time.... I'm always running over.. oops.. sorry Robin!  Robin had a huge class on after me and needed my space as well as the other classroom so she had to kick me out.. lol....   We have a lot of fun at the shop....  I will be in store Wednesday (morning) after the school holidays go back to help anyone that needs a hand. I have one lady bringing in her photos so I can help her pick papers and embellishments to match. So if you need this kind of help or any other please pop in.


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