Wedding Album - The Bells

O.K. so here is another page from my wedding album. This page was alot of fun to do as it was so simple. The DCWV paper had a window on it so I simply cut this window out and placed my photo behind and then added stickers. I did go back with some glitter paint and highlight sections of the paper as this one had no glitter on it.
I had to journal this page as a special page on its own because this moment was one of those OMG! moments..... You see as we left the church as man and wife the church bells were rung... but the first ring had a strange sound to it... then the ringing resumed.. I didn't notice so much but my husband did and on questioning my cousin (the ringer) found out that unbeknown to him a pigeon was nesting inside the bell... when the bell was rung the poor pigeon was killed and the carcass rained down on my cousin. Poor bird! Poor Cousin!
I often wonder if this set up some bad kharma for us??? Oh well it hasn't jinxed us so far... though next February will be our (unlucky for some) 13th wedding anniversary.
Content aside though I love journalling these little details for the kids to read about later... they love it!