Wedding Album - My Bouquet

I've finished another page for my album. This one is all about my bouquet. Which I loved! And nearly didn't get! On the day of our wedding the flowers were to be delivered to my husbands' parents place but the florist delivered them to the wrong house. (Which was empty at the time, the people who lived there were out). Luckily for us there was an old man in their street who watched EVERYTHING! And he went and got them and delivered them to the right house. So his busy body ways that had driven us crazy up till then actually came in handy! LOL

So love thy neighbour even the odd ones. You never know when their quirky ways will come handy to you.

I scanned all my photos and have them on back up just in case which I highly recommend! I took one of the images and zoomed in on my flowers and printed this separately (that's the small square photo you see). The paper I used for this background comes from the Die Cuts With a View Once Upon a Time range and has a lovely stained glass effect of flowers. My title was done using a sheet of stickers I got for $2. I also embellished with a few stickers from another $2 sheet.


Deb D said…
Beautiful colours in your LO. Great story about the flowers - wow, you were lucky!