Announcing: I'm Pregnant!

Hi everyone,

I can now announce that the reason my posts have been less prolific than you're used to from me is because I'm now 13 weeks pregnant. This will be our third child. The kids are very excited! DD wants the baby to be a girl and DS wants another boy... Well someone will be happy!

The baby is due 29th December. The regularity of my posts have dropped off a little as I've been so sick with all day morning sickness! The worst part is I can't say I throw up every morning then its over so I can start my day.... I'm spontaneously throwing up all day and all night. No regular pattern to it! I'm really over the morning sickness part of it now I can tell you!

I'm also really over the midwives and the doctors referring to how OLD I am! Gosh they make you feel ancient! O.K. so most of the women waiting in the ante-natal clinic are in their late teens early twenties but gosh I'm not over the hill yet at 37!

So if I don't post for a while you'll know why.....I've succumbed to morning sickness not age! LOL


Deb D said…
Wahoo! congratulations you spring chicken you! That is wonderful news...I'm very happy for you and your family. BTW you don't look 37 so you tell 'em!
They say that you soon forget the morning sickness part but I say rubbish! LOL and I do feel for you. Even though is was 30 years ago for me I jolly well remember it!!! I hope that you are soon over that part and can get on and enjoy being pregnant.
Anonymous said…
I hated morning sickness as well. I never knew when or how hard I was going to get it and I couldn't work out how to stop it. You never forget. Congratulations.