It's often hard to pick a colour scheme when you're dealing with multiple photos. In this case I used my largest photo as the indicator for my colour scheme. I loved this day at the show as it was the first time my DD was brave enough to ride the pony...... Now she loves horses and wants one just like I did.

Unfortunately all the land where I kept my horse as a kid has been developed into housing estates now so I don't think I'll be able to get her a pony........ It's a shame but there really isn't any good adjistment land anywhere close by anymore.

My DS has always loved animals (just like his mummy) and he would be ecstatic if we got a horse. He loved the pony ride!

Our local show is very small by anyones standard but it's perfect for little kids. It's held every year during the winter holidays (hence the warm hat on DD hiding her curls).

I took this layout and many of the ones I've shown you recently to my local photo printing lab to get a photo book printed. Unfortunately I couldn't get the whole page as my layout but I've printed it anyway to see what it looks like. Each of my layouts is centred in the middle of the page with a large amount of white space around them.... I'm hoping I can add to the page with journalling and such to make a great gift for my husbands' aunty....... cross your fingers girls!

Today we're confined to the house as it is a rainy day and DH has taken the car out for the day. So we're making christmas gifts. I'll take some photos for you when I'm done so hopefully you can get some ideas.

If you have a great paper craft present you'd like to share feel free to email me the details and a photo if you have one: (I'll put it up here for everyone to share).