Christmas Pool Parties

I've been so hectic lately. Sorry guys I haven't posted for ages. I have been very busy though! I have made two more sets of the calendar/address book and notebook sets and I've made a bracelet, some body scrub and some christmas decorations. Photos will be supplied as soon as I get a chance.

I've also been busy with all the preparations for my birthday and my DS's birthday and social events.

There are two parties that we love going to every year! The first was held yesterday. This is a girls only event! One of my girlfriends' hosts this event and it is WONDERFUL! We sit around her pool and talk and catch up and eat delicious food and get a massage! We had the BEST time!

Then the other annual christmas event we love attending is on today. We have friends who live across the road from the beach. Every year they have an all day pool party. (For those of you who don't know I live in Redcliffe, QLD, Australia.... our Christmas time is the hottest time of the year!) The sea breezes set the scene for a lovely day. On top of that they organise for Santa to come and give the kids a present. The kids have a great time! Though the very first one of these my daughter attended did give her a fear of sirens (santa arrived on a firetruck that year) which we're still dealing with 2 years later... Oh well ... win some lose some.

So I'll be running away now to get sunscreen on everyone and enjoy another day lazing by the pool....... ah it's a hard life but someones gotta do it!