Produce Bags - Another Free Scrapbooking Supply.

My local K-Mart has recently increased the amount of merchandise it carries in its scrapbooking department. I can't believe how much is there! I think alot of little scrapbook stores are going to go out of business in my area. The range is good. The prices are very cheap...... what more can you ask for?

Only problem I'm having is not spending anything at all.... There's a scrapbook fair coming to town in a couple of weeks so I'm putting aside my weekly scrapbooking budget to take to the fair..... Can't WAIT!

And since I've just recently reorganised my stash of supplies I know exactly what I have and what I need. The thing I love most about these "Fair's" is the opportunity to explore new techniques and watch all the workshops for ideas I can make my own. I was recently watching an online tutorial where they used those mesh produce bags that you get your onions in... Anyway they took one of those bags and made it look like a net that some butterflies were caught in. Which looked great. I was kinda miffed though. I've been using those bags as fish netting on my beach pages and I've used it to weave fibre through but I hadn't even thought of this idea. Brilliant! I love this stuff cause it's FREE (my favourite kind of cheap scrapbooking idea) and because it comes in lots of colours!

I've also recently purchased a new Quilt cover and the cardboard they use to package those is ideal to use as a mini book. So now I have lots of projects to work on and not enough time in the day!