Autumn is here... Yeah... so is the Rain... YEAH!

Well it's finally autumn here. We've had lovely springtime weather since February? The days have gotten shorter but the heat just wasn't disappearing. Then today with the cooler weather came the rain. I can't tell you how happy I am to finally see some rain. We've been in severe drought here and this little bit of rain is wonderful. I doubt it's enough to break the drought but we love it just the same. Now I've got an excuse to go buy that really cute rain hat, boots and coat set I saw and take some photos of the kids playing in the rain.

My scrapbooking stuff is about to move... Yikes! I've set myself the gigantic task of reorganising my house. It all started with a bed purchase.... I was looking in St Vinnies the other day and saw this great bed. It's a loft bed with a computer desk as one end. $80? And being an all round miser I found this price infinitely more acceptable than the $600 for something similar brand new. So we bought it home and started painting. Just small sections here and there to add pizazz. My son is thrilled with his new bedroom. There's a desk and bookshelves. A cupboard for his clothes and an area underneath where he can play.. complete with a spotlight.

Well then I had to do something with my son's old bed... so I painted it and put it in my daughter's room so she too now has a loft bed with a play area underneath. It's all very contagious though... So my new plan for my scrapbooking is to move it to the current computer nook and put the computer somewhere else (don't ask me where yet). All I know is I have to start saving my pennies cause my husband and I have decided we're going to treat ourselves to a new bed. The kids have new bedrooms why not us? After all we've been sleeping proped up on bricks for 10 years now... I think it's time!

(Sigh) so I guess I'll have to get back to the hard work of moving my scrapbooking supplies... while the kids are still at school (otherwise my son keeps wanting all my supplies for his own scrapbooking and my daughter just wants my stickers)...... I'll let you know how it goes! (Photo's to come)


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