Am I Lucky Or What?

I am the luckiest scrapbooking woman alive. Wondering why? Well this is a picture of an earing my husband found on the ground. And when he saw it his first thought was that i might like it for my scrapbooking. My husband is a rare breed. A scrap widower who is interested in his wife's obsession. In fact he does the camera and sound work for my video's. It's nice to have someone that supportive.

But what I'm trying to emphasise by uploading this picutre is how if you think of everything that comes into your life as a possible layout embellishment or scrapbooking storage device and then discard the ones that really don't work, you'll actually get alot of stuff for free... Pictures and letters on Junk Mail or in Magazines can all be put to good use as can wrapping paper, cards and gift ribbons ribbons.


Anonymous said…
You are lucky. My hubby is lucky to remember my birthday let along what my hobbies are :-)

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