Can't Wait to Meet You

O.K. so I have done my back in .... again.... this is a long term injury that I've had for 21 years now and gotta say I'm mighty over it! Anyway this means I can't get to my crafting table to do some layouts... which would normally kill me... but now that I've got digital scrapbooking again it's not a problem at all.

This layout is the first page of an album I'm planning for my darling hubby.

Hubby is doing some business coaching at the moment. Which I gotta say I was against. I know he loves sharing what he knows and taking a business from nothing to something... but my experience of this is always that start ups don't appreciate him. In the beginning they're all great... then somewhere along the way they forget what it is that they didn't know and totally dump on him. I've watched him get disheartened over and over again and really wasn't keen, but so far fingers crossed this client understands that she doesn't know how to do any of the stuff he does. So as she is a music promoter and booking agent for bands hubby is really getting in touch with his musical side which he's put on hold for many years. I can't tell you the number of guitars he's sold over the years (really special ones to him) to keep us fed. So he's a one of a kind!

Anyway this client has been involved in the planning for the Beach Boys tour of Australia and hubby is super excited as he might get to meet them. So I thought it would be cool to do an album of the meeting... if it!  So I've started with the cover (above) using My Memories Suite Software.

I can't wait to get some photos of hubby with his favourite band and scrapbook them. Am always doing layouts of the kids so I thought it would be nice to do some for him too seeing he's so supportive of my addiction.


The Scrap Miser said…
Well hubby scammed his way backstage but didn't get a photo :(