Bounty of Cheap Scrapbooking Ranges

I went for a bit of a browse through some of my local shops recently and have to say I'm really surprised with the quality and quantity of cheaper ranges of supplies that are now available. The Warehouse (now Sams Warehouse was owned by Crazy Clarks) now stocks a range by Inique which is both beautiful and cheap. I love that there are so many co-ordinated supplies available now. When I started scrapbooking to do it cheaply you had to make everything yourself! Titles had to be hand cut (I still do this but it's not as necessary anymore as there are cheap decorated chipboard letters available from K-Mart, The Warehouse and many little cheaper stores like Stacks and Dollars and Sense etc).

Now the only problem I have is getting rid of all the old supplies to make room for some yummy new stuff!

I have a limited amount of space available to me so must use up my supplies before I'm allowing myself to buy new ones (but it's so hard!).

One supply that I'm loving at the moment is paper ribbon with a sticky back. It's fabulous! It comes in a roll and you can colour it to match any layout by inking it or painting it or using felt tip pens to doodle on it. Once it is decorated and dried you then peel off the backing tape and place it on your layout. So rather than buying a hundred different colour combinations for all your layouts you just make it match your current supplies by colouring yourself. I have inked it and then painted it with glitter paint and the finished result is a glitter velvet look. (I'll be uploading a layout called Exhausted soon with this on it to show you).