Variety of Card Designs

Here are the cards I made today. I am giving these to a girlfriend of mine so that she will have some handmade cards to give away this year. (I prefer to do this as it means at least two people saw the cards before they maybe went in the bin? I hate that you put all that work in and then people throw them away so this way I know they got a little bit of appreciation first.)
Card 1 - hand sewing

Card 2 - Tags and flowers

this is the inside of card 2.

Card 3 - Paper Piecing Mouse in a gift box

Card 4 - Teddy Bear in a read wagon

Card 5 Softly Romantic

inside of card 5 and 6
(sometimes it is nice to make the inside of the card interesting too, in this case I had two of these journal spots so I used them as a place to write on the inside of the card.)

Card 6 - Romantic handmade flower bouquet.

For the two childrens cards I used my cricuit cartridge (Birthday Bash) to cut the paper piecings.  I'll upload the other things I made for this friends' birthday present soon.