December Classes @ Arnolds Scrapbooking Store

Hi everyone,

well I'm sure you're all busy making gifts for friends and family getting ready for Christmas. I make these two canvases and will be giving the blue one away to the special lady in the photo with me. She was my mum's best friend. This year my husband and I renewed our wedding vows on the beach for our 15th Wedding Anniversary and she came. Darling Hubby sang the Savage Garden Song "I think I Loved You before I met you" to me as I walked down the isle. Afterwards she made me cry ALOT by giving me as a gift the crystal clock my mum gave her for a wedding present many many years ago. So I made this canvas to gift to her as a thank you gift.

I'll be teaching this canvas and the pink one at Arnolds Scrapbooking Store this month, 14th and 17th respectively. So if you'd like to come along and make either (or both LOL) of these as a gift for someone special in your life just give arnolds a ring on : 07 32934390


At both of these classes you will learn how to make a range of flowers. (All the ones you see are handmade). For all of you who are just too darn far away to come I'll be making videos of how to make these flowers soon. (The pale pink ones are tissue flowers.... video already loaded a few weeks ago so scroll back through my posts to find that one.)