getting the most out of my cricuit

I am loving my cricuit lately. Got some great new cartridges and have been having a ball with them. One of the things that has limited me with my cricuit is the need to buy new cutting mats. When I first got my cricuit the mats seemed to last for ages..... but then.... over time the mats have had less and less longevity. Which has put me off using it as I never seemed to have a useable mat when I needed it.  Until recently that is.... I am now using a repositionable adhesive (like you use for quilting) on my mats and haven't looked back since. This is such a money saver. Plus my projects don't take so long.  You see by spraying the mats all my old mats are now useable again. So when I want to cut  a project that maybe needs 5 different papers (like the store in sweet tooth boxes) I simply spray all my mats add all my papers and then cut each paper one after another. Rather than waiting for me to remove the paper and then all the little cut out pieces and then add the next paper. I am just cutting everything I need at once and slowly removing cut outs as each one is done. This has been great too because before I would be in too much of a hurry and often tear my cut outs in my haste to get the next paper down.


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