You must get a Sizzix... that's an order!

Hey everyone,
You'll never guess what happened to me last night? My DH ordered me to go buy a sizzix machine! WOW! Of course this is because I make him hand cut out the chipboard letters for my layouts as my hands get all cramped up using a craft knife and pressing that hard. Anyway last night whilst doing this for me he broke a craft knife. After some swearing he came and told me I have to go buy one of those things he used at the last scrapbooking day I went to.

I was afraid to get excited until he agreed to give up his entertainment budget for as long as it took for me to get one. So now between my scrapbudget and his entertainment budget it shouldn't be long at all! How exciting! No more hand cramps for me!

I think these sorts of tools that allow you to make lots of your own titles and embellishments are the best way to spend your scrap buget. I have concentrated on spending on tools more than rub ons and expensive embellishments or single sheets of paper. I still believe a good stamp is a much better investment than a sheet of stickers! So if anyone has any suggestions or opinions on the different machines e.g. cuttlebug, bigshot... etc I'd love some advice! And who has the cheapest dies?


Anonymous said…
Buy a Klick and Kut, A.K.A. KNK. It's a custom cutter, like cricut, but doesn't take cartridges, and it cuts any computer font you have and can cut chipboard. Pricey though. $549 in the U.S. But never need dies, new alphas, and can size everything.
The Scrap Miser said…
This sounds like EXACTLY what I want! Thank You! Now I just have to wait for them to come to Australia. After I got your post I started checking out my usual online shopping haunts... to no avail.

I was actually tossing up whether or not to get a cricuit or a whishblade a while ago but didn't do anything in the end as I really do more with chipboard so figured I should spend that money on sizzix dies..... I know you said it's fairly expensive but I figure it's worth it as you don't have to keep buying dies everytime you want to do something.... You could probably create most things you want in Adobe and then export them to the Klick and Kut????

I can't wait for this to get here now!